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HKXRA Live Webinar: 【XR in AEC】How XR Can Help Build a Smart City? 

A smart city is a concept that uses technology to improve governance, planning, management, and livability of a city by gathering real-world, real-time data. With these insights, smart cities can perform better to meet citizens demands.


Smart cities need smart planning. In the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, Extended Reality (XR) technologies can simulate a construction project in a multidimensional digital model and present multiple aspects of a project which can be a tremendous help in all stages of a project. Besides, XR offers the ability to collaborate, communicate and review projects more effectively and remotely. With experts forecasting, AEC firms will spend around USD 35 billion on XR technology by 2023. It is no doubt XR will reshape the future of the AEC Industry. 



At this webinar, the speakers will focus on “XR in AEC”, and explore How XR Can Help Build a Smart City? 


  1. How do AEC companies integrate XR into daily workflows and across the wider business?

  2. How XR can boost efficiency in order to improve the planning for Smart City?

  3. Any limitation and challenge of applying XR into AEC industry?


Topic:【XR in AEC】How XR Can Help Build a Smart City?

Date: 26 November 2021

Time: 15:00 – 16:00


  • Mr Fred Sheu, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

  • Ms Jackie Wong, Head of Business Development, Chain Technology Development Co. Ltd          

  • Mr Mat Law, Business Development Director, RIB Software

  • Mr Terry Dao, CEO, VTM Digital Limited

Format: Microsoft TEAMS 

Language: Cantonese

Organizer: Hong Kong Extended Reality Association 



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For inquiries, please contact We look forward to seeing you at the captioned events. Successful registration will receive a confirmation email with the webinar link.

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